It has been a while…

Hello to all our wonderful followers! We have been staying super busy this last month and I have a lot to share! Where to even begin, I believe my last blog we just finished concrete and our system has shown up.   Oh My! What a month can do. Okay, okay a month and a half but whose really counting these days! I’m lucky if I know what day of the week it is. So moving on with the sharing!! We had our wonderful friend Matt from Wisconsin come stay with us for a while. He is a greenhouse builder and travels all over making people’s dreams come true! We set post, built trusses and were ready for a busy week end of building the roof. Not to be a downer but we did have a loss in the family the next day so celebration was hard. Our Boxer of 10 years fell asleep and didn’t wake back up. After a few days of mourning we were back up and at em! Then the shade cloth company from Michigan showed up and beautifully installed the shade cloth. Then came the walls.. we now have four walls completely installed! With a lot of head scratching and learning new trades they are only lacking some fans but that’s happening soon!  An old neighbor recently told me “No goal worth pursuing comes without challenges.” Boy was he right!!   There are some great local boys helping us out every day, along with Zac’s dad building our back porch and helping in all kinds of ways. It is all really coming together. I had a hard time deciding what pictures I wanted to post but since it’s been a while since I last updated you all I figured you might like a few extra! Thank you again for all of your support and likes on Facebook. We are not really to the point  of promoting our selves but the likes and shares for sure keep our spirits up!



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