The greenhouse is getting close

Hello blog readers! I hope you are still out there.  We are coming up on our one year mark for starting down this road and boy has it been a long one. Since my last blog I think I have managed to get Zac off the property once. Bless his heart he works so hard every day!! We are starting on our final plumbing project while wrapping up alot of loose ends around the farm. The aquaponics system is up and running with fish and lettuce. We are starting off slowly with only 200 heads of lettuce a day, hopefully once we are in full production we will be planting 300 and harvesting 300 every day.  We ordered 250 small fry and also put in 40 large fish from good old NOAH farms. We are taking his fish that are ready for harvest and letting them hang out in our system for a bit to help keep our water quality where it needs to be. Between helping out at NOAH farms with their greenhouse build and now moving through ours we have pretty much had tools in our hands every day for over a year! I am getting ready to just be working with lettuce!!! Well here are some of the pictures I’ve been taking. Hopefully you are following us on Facebook to see all the live videos and up to date pictures! I hope you are all enjoying the welcoming of spring!


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