The greenhouse is getting close

Hello blog readers! I hope you are still out there.  We are coming up on our one year mark for starting down this road and boy has it been a long one. Since my last blog I think I have managed to get Zac off the property once. Bless his heart he works so hard every day!! We are starting on our final plumbing project while wrapping up alot of loose ends around the farm. The aquaponics system is up and running with fish and lettuce. We are starting off slowly with only 200 heads of lettuce a day, hopefully once we are in full production we will be planting 300 and harvesting 300 every day.  We ordered 250 small fry and also put in 40 large fish from good old NOAH farms. We are taking his fish that are ready for harvest and letting them hang out in our system for a bit to help keep our water quality where it needs to be. Between helping out at NOAH farms with their greenhouse build and now moving through ours we have pretty much had tools in our hands every day for over a year! I am getting ready to just be working with lettuce!!! Well here are some of the pictures I’ve been taking. Hopefully you are following us on Facebook to see all the live videos and up to date pictures! I hope you are all enjoying the welcoming of spring!


It has been a while…

Hello to all our wonderful followers! We have been staying super busy this last month and I have a lot to share! Where to even begin, I believe my last blog we just finished concrete and our system has shown up.   Oh My! What a month can do. Okay, okay a month and a half but whose really counting these days! I’m lucky if I know what day of the week it is. So moving on with the sharing!! We had our wonderful friend Matt from Wisconsin come stay with us for a while. He is a greenhouse builder and travels all over making people’s dreams come true! We set post, built trusses and were ready for a busy week end of building the roof. Not to be a downer but we did have a loss in the family the next day so celebration was hard. Our Boxer of 10 years fell asleep and didn’t wake back up. After a few days of mourning we were back up and at em! Then the shade cloth company from Michigan showed up and beautifully installed the shade cloth. Then came the walls.. we now have four walls completely installed! With a lot of head scratching and learning new trades they are only lacking some fans but that’s happening soon!  An old neighbor recently told me “No goal worth pursuing comes without challenges.” Boy was he right!!   There are some great local boys helping us out every day, along with Zac’s dad building our back porch and helping in all kinds of ways. It is all really coming together. I had a hard time deciding what pictures I wanted to post but since it’s been a while since I last updated you all I figured you might like a few extra! Thank you again for all of your support and likes on Facebook. We are not really to the point  of promoting our selves but the likes and shares for sure keep our spirits up!


The greenhouse has landed.

The last few weeks have been busy and it’s about to get even more crazy. The concrete slab has been poured, the greenhouse has been delivered and counted. Waiting for a few more pieces to show up along with the builders on Monday. We appreciate Dink and the Wildcat Construction crew for the smooth day of pouring.  Along with our wonderful neighbors and family for the help of unloading a 34,000 lbs. truck! Zac and I will be taking the next few days to prep as much as we can and to take a few days off to hang with friends because we won’t have the opportunity to do so for a while! Thanks as always for following and your support! We would not be able to do this with out you all!

Everyday is something new!

Hello friends,  I am excited to post that the cabinets have been primed and painted and the floors are down.  We have a back porch poured and soon we will be moving in to the apartment.  Zac my handy  man is finishing up the electrical so I can plug in my fridge,stove, washer/dryer and DISHWASHER!!! (I havent had one in over a year so I’m a little excited about this) We’ve been told that our Greenhouse will be delivered on October 14th.. That’s just one more month away! We are on month three of working and have already had so much happen, we are so excited to actually start building the greenhouse. Our friends at NOAH Farms are already harvesting their lettuce and trying out all different fruits and veggies to see what will grow best for them. Here are a few pictures of whats been going on.  Stay tuned for greenhouse parts to start showing up!


So much is happening!

This week has been CRAZY awesome! So much is happening! Dirt work started two days ago and I had no idea what these crazy machines were capable of. The footing are being worked on as I type which means plumbing and concrete pad will soon follow. They have leveled the spots for our fifth-wheel and back porch. I can actually visualize it all now! The most exciting part for me is my cabinets are in! The apartment is looking like a real home now. So much is happening!   We are so grateful for all the love and support we have been given. These workers are amazing at what they do. AND…. Zac had some TV time! The Oklahoma Garden show was at 360 farms and they asked Zac to come explain the greenhouse! So fun!20160730_112024

Apartment Construction

Construction has begun for our new home!!! Its small but it will be so sweet! Framing is complete, windows and AC are installed. Plumbing and electric work is underway! Walls, floors, ceiling and cabinets have all been picked out.  We are so grateful for everyone who has helped out. Advice and opinions are so helpful when it’s your first time doing something like this.  We are excited to start putting the finishing touches on soon. Cant wait to show you the finished apartment!!! Keep following us and before you know it we will be building a greenhouse! Thanks for following!

Partition wall being framed
bathroom and shower
Partition wall is UP!!!
windows are going in
The dogs are great supervisors
Im glad he can be silly!
Installing windows
Jannifer making sure the boys are putting the door in straight!!!
Oh Kelly!!! Thanks for being goofy.
paint, counter tops, floor and walls… Decisions,Decisions, Decisions!!


Apartment Demo!

DEMO HAS STARTED!!! We will begin our big adventure with building a place to call home.  The greenhouse design is under way and will soon be ordered. We are chatting with all the contractors to make this all happen, IT’S A GIANT PUZZLE PIECE to get all these guys together!!!! Zac and I have had so much fun being destructive and are so excited to start building our future. Plumbers come out Friday, hoping to get the excavators out soon and lining up barn builders as we speak!!! We’ve only stuck our toes in the water, soon we will be jumping in head first!!!

Papers are signed!

We had a wonderful day yesterday! Papers are signed on the property and loan funds are becoming available for us to start working on our new adventure. Thank you to the FSA for making this possible for us. Thank you NOAH Farms for leading the way and letting us learn so much from you. We thank everyone for the support and we are so excited to break ground and get this party started!!!